Night on a Portaledge, Demir Kapija, Macedonia

Demir Kapija Price from:

18,450.00 ден

Overnight at the portage in Demir Kapija. An ideal tour for adventurers and people who are addicted to new challenges. Send a request to book this tour. After sending the request, you will receive an email reply with the total price.

Included in price:

  • Duration: 12-16 hours/with preparations
  • Maximum 2 persons per night
  • Price for 1 person: 300€
  • Price for 2 person:500€
  • Equipment, food, and water provided on the wall
  • Team

Not included in price:

  • Transportation to Demir Kapija

Season: May - October

Duration: 12-16 hours (with preparations)

Experience needed: None

Either you are very experienced climber, or you have never climbed before this special program offers the ultimate experience of spending the night on a wall and will give you a taste of life of the alpinists and expert rock climbers, but in a lot more luxurious way.

We will prepare everything for you and guide you thru every step. Your job is to enjoy the perfect views from, feel the adrenaline and have the time of your life.

Program begins with preparation of our clients on the ground. We will give all the needed instructions, get you familiar with the basic equipment (climbing harness and helmet) and the way to use it in a proper way. After that we will make approach to the location on the wall where you will spend your night. This can be done either by climbing relatively easy route or on a fixed ropes, of course with our guidance and help. Once we set you up on the portaledge, make you comfortable and give you all the needed instructions, we will serve you with a nice dinner and beverage of your choice and then we leave you to enjoy thru the night. But don’t worry! Our guides will stay at the base of the wall for the night, you will be provided with radio and will be able to contact them at any time for any type of questions, any help or evacuation from the wall at any time if you decide that you want to go down. In the morning our guides will get back up for you and get you safely at the ground.

Our portaledges are double, meaning two persons can sleep on it at a time. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to share this ultimate experience with your loved ones, your partners, family members, or best friends.


If you are alone, but you feel overwhelmed by the idea of staying alone, there is always a possibility for one of our guides to keep you a company thru the night.
Sleeping bags, small pillows and all the other necessities for a pleasant stay on the portaladge also will be provided by our guides at the site.

Spending a night on a portaledge on a wall for total beginners, advanced or expert climbers.

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