Сите наши сервиси и услуги се достапни oн-лајн
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Kajak.mk is a platform engaged in promoting tourism in Macedonia. Our goal is to prove to everyone in the country that they can earn additional income through their hobbies, passion, and profession.

We strive to enable greater communication among people, namely to acquaint domestic tourists with what we have in our country.

Kajak.mk has authentic and unique stories related to individuals who have decided to develop a small business from their interesting hobbies. Whether it's crafting unique items or preparing homemade specialties, telling unique stories, and organizing authentic experiences throughout Macedonia.

We started functioning as a platform where you can find travel suggestions and destination proposals for everyone's taste. We know little about Macedonia, and the unique people are almost unknown to us. Therefore, we decided through Kajak.mk to give space for the promotion of all individuals whom the Kajak.mk team calls 'local heroes who do small things of great significance in the development of tourism'.

Today, Kajak.mk is more than a platform. Kajak.mk is a movement identified with digital nomads, adventurers, gourmets, and people who are constantly in search of something new and unique.

For us, the most important thing is to be able to share the stories of all local residents. We know there are many and that we have a lot of work. We strive to present people in the best light and prove that in Macedonia, there are people who do everything to make our country a better and happier place to live.

Our vision is to prove to people living in remote areas of the country that they can earn additional living resources through the world of Kajak. From renting unique accommodations, experiencing different experiences offered by local residents, to savoring food prepared in a masterly manner. At the same time, through our platform, we promote greater ecological awareness, conservation, and nurturing of the environment.