Added 08.04.2024 09:42

A new Adventure in the Osogovo Mountains begins: Exciting ATV Tours for groups of 6 to 10 people!

With the arrival of spring and the May Day holidays, the new season of ATV tours in the Osogovo Mountains brings unprecedented excitement and adventure.


Added 07.04.2024 14:16

Skopje got a hotel where hospitality is a benchmark for happy tourists.

The team is taking you on a tour aruond the Old Skopje Bazaar, where Hamburg Hotel is located not far from it, which is already a familiar name for some of the Skopje residents, and for the rest, this may be their first acquaintance with the hotel.


Added 05.04.2024 12:45

Private sailing tours, Ohrid Lake, Macedonia

Discover the hidden treasures of the mesmerizing Lake Ohrid on a private sailing tour.


Added 13.03.2024 11:55

A completely new villa with a swimming pool in Kuchkovo, Macedonia

With a capacity of up to 300 guests, this location is perfect for large events, weddings, birthdays, or team-building activities. Pet-friendly encourages you to bring your friends and make your experience even more special.


Added 11.03.2024 20:52

A villa on Skopska Crna Gora, Macedonia ideal for a peaceful and tranquil stay.

For your foreign guests, for your business and business partners who will come to visit Skopje, the team advises you to enable them to stay in this beautiful new and unique villa in Skopje Montenegro where time has stopped and where nature is beautiful.


Added 07.03.2024 10:03

Apartment in Mavrovo with a beautiful view of the ski slopes.

Allow us to take you on a journey through the new residential complex in Mavrovo


Added 24.11.2023 13:10

Unique apartments in Bitola, Macedonia

Despite the fact that the building is located in the very center of the city, there is no noise on the street, and you don't even need transport to visit the most attractive places in the city.


Added 24.11.2023 13:11

Apartments in Bitola on Shirok Sokak

The team is taking you to Bitola today, where they will introduce you to another of our hosts who opened the doors of "Somnia Apartments" to the world of


Added 16.11.2023 09:26

A beautiful hotel on Popova Shapka, Macedonia is available for reservations

Another beautiful hotel with a beautiful appearance and a great mountain interior is from today part of the database and is available for reservations.


Added 15.11.2023 14:27

Apartments in Nea Vrasna available for reservation

Six more apartments in Greece available from today in the database, which you can book on flexible terms.


Added 06.04.2023 07:39

Unique experience 1100 heights above sea level in Macedonia

The hosts of the villa "Grkasha" are ready to welcome the following seasons with updated accommodations and unique experiences for the guests.


Added 04.04.2023 20:30

We have opened a bar in Vevcani, Macedonia where young folks can enjoy it!

As number ten on our gastro destinations list, we have the honour to present to you the "West Side" bar in Vevcani.


Added 04.04.2023 19:00

We keep "Stara Vodenica" in life with our traditional Macedonian Food

Ресторанот „Стар Воденица“ од денеска е дел од базата на Кајак.мк. Домаќинот Томор кој ни ги отвори портите за светот на Кајак.мк вели дека оваа место е своевидна зелена оаза која се наоѓа помеѓу Октиси и Вевчани.


Added 04.04.2023 19:17

Macedonian Crafts: From passion to the expansion of creativity

On the last day of the week, we want to dedicate ourselves to one young lady who is the perfect example of how small moves can make great things in life. Jovana is a local hero who supports not only tourism in Macedonia but also local crafts.


Added 06.04.2023 08:01

An apartment with a view of Ohrid's Square and port

For those who are looking for accommodation in the heart of the city, Team is announcing one more apartment that we are adding to our platform. Don't miss the beautiful view, of the city's port and Ohrid's Square.


Added 04.04.2023 19:19

Macedonian mountain house with pool and sauna you must visit.

If you want to enjoy the pool and the mountain at the same time, it is more than possible. Just right by Berovo Lake, "Vila Ivan" is offering you both activities at once. Team


Added 06.04.2023 07:46

Accommodation in Vevcani, Macedonia

Денеска во нашата база на приватни сместувања додаваме уште едно сместување кое се наоѓа во срцето на Вевчани, а од каде сите угостителски објекти, како и Вевчанските извори ви се на дофат.


Added 06.04.2023 07:44

Macedonia, Mariovo: Zovich village: The most authentic ethnic villa that you must visit

Селото е идеално за возење велосипеди, затоа доколку имате велосипед не размислувајте дали да го понесете со вас!


Added 23.03.2023 09:27

Accommodation in Skopje, Apartment in Skopje

Денеска одбравме наслов „Како изгледа еден стокмен апартман во урбана средина“ кој е огласен на Кајак.мк, чисто да ви докажеме дека и во Македонија има доста симпатични ќошиња кои ви гарантираат комфорен престој.


Added 06.10.2022 09:54

Team building in Greece for a happy ending to the summer story

Thank you, Frontwise Group, for the lovely memories, which will serve us in the next journeys to follow.


Added 09.09.2022 09:03

Meet part of the culture living in the heart of Old Skopje Bazaar

We hope that these three unique corners that we are sharing with you will make you take a walk down the Old Skopje Bazaar and stay tuned for more tips from us.


Added 25.05.2022 23:16

Rare and unique bungalow with a marvellous view of the Ohrid lake sunset in Macedonia

Rare and unique bungalow with a marvellous view of the Ohrid lake sunset in Macedonia


Added 25.05.2022 12:48

Visit „Korab Trnica“ in Macedonia and try the best yellow cheese" and "Trnica cheese"

Here you can also find pies with cabbage, leek, spinach and pumpkin, then excellently prepared lamb, goat, beef and chicken meat, fish and many other dishes.


Added 24.05.2022 13:06

Kayaking Tours along Crni Drim, authentic experience that offers tons of knowledge about this river

Сезоната на активен туризам е официјално отворена. Како потврда за тоа ни е денешниот разговор со нашиот локален херој од Струга, Коста Хиохи.


Added 16.05.2022 10:06

Apartments in Ljubaništa with a breathtaking view of Ohrid Lake, Macedonia

Apartments in Ljubaništa with a breathtaking view of Ohrid Lake, Macedonia


Added 10.05.2022 23:10

Delicious food and accommodation in unique manor (Chiflik) in Macedonia

Многу од патувачите кои одлучија да го посетат чифликот во Долна Белица, ни кажа дека не погрешиле во изборот. Чифликот се наоѓа на доста уникатна локација, на 34 километри од Македонски Брод, а патувањето до чифликот е приказна сама по себе.


Added 09.05.2022 12:56

Have you ever visited ethno restaurant “Babino” in Macedonia?

Because of the specialties the restaurant offers, you can meet guests from all over the world here. What attracts guests here are: traditional garlic pies, pies with cheese, maznik and zelnik, fish specialties from their fish pond and wild meat specialties as well.


Added 19.04.2022 22:31

Added 19.04.2022 21:24

Galicica Cottage with a panoramic view of the lake (Ohrid)

Викендица во Горно Коњско со прекрасен панорамски поглед