SUP in Ohrid

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For everyone who wants to experience a new adrenaline windsurfing action, this is a great opportunity that creates a feeling of free movement in the rhythm of nature.

The supply of kayaks that can be used for various team-building activities, trainings and trainings has increased.

Attractive excursions:

Water yoga at various locations

Windsurfing or Windsurfing. Windsurfing originated as a fusion of the two most popular water sports, surfing and sailing.

Full Moon SUP Experience - A magical SUP experience on a full moon event that will take place only 3 times

SUPer Cleanup - volunteer actions to clean the beaches, this is a free event for anyone who wants to join and at the same time master SUP techniques

SOUP at sunset

SOUP at sunrise

SUP full day tour

and several more new events that will be announced soon.

Suggested tour:

CANEO AND OLD TOWN SOUP TOUR. On this tour, you can capture the complex of natural and historical cultural sights, and the many hidden corners that are mostly known only to the locals.

Tours are often organized in various locations such as "Cosnite Bay to Trpejca", "Trpejca to St. Bogoroditsa Zahumska-Zaum", Ljubanishta, Gradiste and many other tours

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