Skopje got a hotel where hospitality is a benchmark for happy tourists.

Skopje got a hotel where hospitality is a benchmark for happy tourists.

Today, the team of Kajak.mk takes you on a tour around Old Skopje Bazaar, where nearby is the Hamburg hotel, a name already familiar to some locals, while for others this may be their first acquaintance with the hotel whose new management team aims to make it the "Most Hospitable Hotel in the City."

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Since April 1st, the Hamburg hotel has officially become part of the ETA group, who tell Kajak.mk that their working philosophy is to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for every guest. The goal of the hotel's management is to create a place where guests feel at home and where every stay is pleasant and lovely.

Given its unique location and dedication to quality, the hosts believe that Hotel Hamburg will soon become the favorite spot for all guests who frequently visit Skopje. Hotel Hamburg was host to the first group of foreign tourists who visited the city just a few days ago. They reportedly enjoyed the breakfast food, the spacious and clean rooms, and the care of the hotel team towards the entire group.

The hotel has an excellent location, ideal for all kinds of guests, from those who come to explore and enjoy the city, to those who are there for business and meetings. The hotel's location is a testament to the place where the new modern city meets the Old Skopje Bazaar. Just a few steps from the hotel, the bazaar begins, and the neighborhood itself is picturesque and dynamic, with many craft workshops, traditional restaurants, cafes, and historical landmarks.

The hotel is also ideal for domestic tourists, for people who come to Skopje for work, tourism, or other reasons. It has its private parking, spacious and comfortable rooms, as well as fast internet. Hotel Hamburg is now part of the world of Kayak.mk. More information, photos, and the option for online reservation can be found with one click HERE.

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