Team building in Greece for a happy ending to the summer story

Team building in Greece for a happy ending to the summer story

In case you were wondering if Kajak.mk’s team organizes team-building trips to Greece, the answer is YES. Kajak.mk is in collaboration with a platform that contains around 570 hotels, ideal for organizing team building events throughout the whole year.

One proof of no bad timing for team-building trip to Greece was given by “Frontwise Group”. We had the chance to hang-out together from 29.09 until 01.10, challenging time frame for us as organizers as well as being faced with quite a dynamic group of young people who know how to enjoy their time as colleagues.

First, we got to say that the weather conditions and the temperature were terrific.   Magical three days spent at Hotel “Bianco Olympico” in Vatopedi. Probably a lot of you are wondering where is Vatopedi situated and why this is our choice for team-building events? Kajak.mk as a consultant platform wants to give you a couple of tips to help you decide whether this hotel is your ideal place for next team-building event.

Vatopedi is a small village nearby Nikiti, famous touristic place on Sithonia. Hotel “Bianco Olympico” is situated on a beach, surrounded by plantation of olive trees, giving a sense of detachment from mass tourism and the expected crowd during the whole summer in Greece. While having breakfast on the terrace you can feel the smell from the pine forest and the olive trees already ripe this time of the year. One word is enough: Tranquility! 

The hotel has an astonishing terrace for the ALL-INCLUSIVE service. Rich breakfast, lunch, and dinner, whereas for the drinks included in the price, you can serve yourself at the bar and the pool and enjoy a good talk with your colleagues. The hotel is on an uphill spot, something you should be aware of if you have troubles climbing uphill, but the small effort justifies the view this hotel has to offer.

The hotel has a small beach with sunbeds, beautiful sunset, and a goat path you will need to pass to get to the beach. “Bianco Olympico” offered us great hospitaly during our stay.

Just outside Vatopedi you can find wonderful touristic destinations worth the visit. Such as one is beach Coviu, which was ideal for our TREASURE HUNTING activities and a whole day spent in the warm sea water.

Beside the fun games we played, we had a surprise visit from our friends from ChillOut band, which we still put as the icing on the cake.

Frontwise Group is our new hero company, who with their team building donated 200 new trees for afforestation in Macedonia. The employees showed what is true fighting spirit and collegiality.   

The sun was not a coincidence, it was shining bright because of the positive vibrations the group created throughout the whole journey. The weather smiled at us. When it comes to the weather, sun, rain, snow, wind, or thunderstorm, we have only one thing to say: There is no bad weather for travel, there is only bad mood and bad company.

Thank you, Frontwise Group, for the lovely memories, which will serve us in the next journeys to follow.

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