Moved to Mavrovo where I organize an active tourism to all guests

Moved to Mavrovo where I organize an active tourism to all guests

There are always good tourism stories. Especially if they come from owners of private accommodations such as the ones from the database of Kajak.mk.

Our purpose is to make sure there is good trust base amongst the tourists and the owners. That is, to create a good relationship and to prove that everyone can stay and enjoy a vacation everywhere they want.

Today, we will introduce you with Vlatko Tomovski, owner of “Villa Jana”, located in Mavrovo.

Vlatko is a man who decided to retire early in his life, to leave the capital city Skopje, and to move to Mavrovo. He told us that some of the things that prompted him to move out of Skopje and start a new life here in Mavrovo are the largeness of the mountains, the hidden beauties, the snow and the nature.

Where once previously was located an old cottage with two bed rooms his father built, nowadays Vlatko made 6 more studios. At first, it was not his intention to rent out this Villa, but his story of hospitality started to spread around and with that he started receiving phone calls from tourists asking to spend some days in Mavrovo.

Today, his mission is to introduce this region to everyone, the same way that he knows it and loves it. He says that even though this place is famous for the Ski Centre still for him, Mavrovo is equally beautiful during spring, summer and autumn as well.

In order to make this happen, he is equipping his villa with bikes, kayaks and SUP boards. He wants every guest to try and use this equipment at least once for free; because that is the only way they can really feel the region and the benefits of active tourism.

There is no problem to provide the guests a ride with a bike near the lake or to enjoy kayaking or a SUP board. It is more important to provide the guests with proper instructions and good quality equipment. 

Vlatko is an experienced kayaker and he is giving the guests knowledge of controlling the kayak and the SUP board as well. He explains in details the lake and gives them tips on which places are worth visiting.

As for cycling, his intention is first to see and evaluate how much the guests themselves are experienced in riding and then to suggest them trails to enjoy their cycling. For now, he has approximately 10 bikes, 5 kayaks and 3 SUP boards with vests, but his intention is to continue on improving and getting more and more equipment.

Host Vlatko, is well aware that there are risks and advantages to every mountain. Which is why he decided to offer his guests and other parties as well, a short training and introduction with the risks and advantages that an active tourism brings with itself.

We are looking ahead of lots of spring and summer months with tons of sun and greenness. Mavrovo is ideal place for you to move your office into the nature.

Would you like to book a stay in Villa Jana?
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