M&M Pet Hotel

Price from:

700.00 ден

M&M Pet Hotel

Max. Capacity : 0
Beds : 0
Check In : 0
Check Out : 0

Included in price:

  • Prices depend on the type or size of the animal, so:
  • Small dogs - 700 MKD per day
  • Medium dogs - 800 MKD per day
  • Large dogs - 900 MKD per day
  • Kittens - 500 MKD per day
  • Bunnies, parrots, hamsters - 200 MKD per day
  • For animals that require special care, the price is higher, but individual depending on the obligations towards them.

Not included in price:

  • Food is not included in the price
  • Transport of the pet

The new hosts, who are part of our world from today, bear the name "M&M" and tell Kayak.mk that all pets are welcome in their hotel.

We talked to Martina, who says they are located in Sopište, 500 meters above sea level. Bunnies, birds, kittens, puppies can often be seen in their facility. All species are separated from each other so that there is no conflict between the "guests", but they pay enough attention to all the guests in order to satisfy their needs. Martina says that they have had aggressive dogs, tame ones, with social anxiety, unsocialized ones and that is the biggest challenge that comes with their job.

Since it is an open concept, the number and capacity are always different. That is, it depends on the group of animals. For example, when there is a puppy with a certain health condition that requires more care or the puppy is aggressive, then the capacity is reduced because the care for that animal is more extensive.

In every hotel, the guests have food, including in the "M&M" hotel. The food for the guests here is a homemade healthy snack, which is rich in vitamins and proteins. For guests allergic to certain ingredients, special food is prepared during their stay. In a word, the goal is to make them feel at home.

Along with Martina, Mile is also in the story, and 2 parrots and 4 dogs appear as assistants. Martina says that she and Mile are responsible for the hugging, petting and cuddling, adding that the parrots are responsible for the music and the atmosphere, and the dogs for the games and chases.

Martina and Mile are big animal lovers and animal rights activists. According to them, this is the main reason why they have so many animals of their own. The moment they decided to go hiking together, they realized how complex the whole process is for people, but also for animals, and that prompted them to think about opening a hotel like this.

Their experience and activism that they have spread over the years has made it easier for them to build a customer base. In the beginning, Martina says that they started with one or two pets of friends or acquaintances and did not expect that such a tendency would turn into their permanent and unique work.

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