Truffle hunting in Macedonia

Skopje Price from:

2,500.00 ден

We're going truffle hunting. With trained and tame search dogs, experienced truffle hunters and delicious truffle specialties prepared. It's time to start thinking about one-day walks in nature with our company, colleagues, family. Don't you?

Included in price:

  • Full day tour organized with local hunters and dogs
  • Truffle hunting training
  • Tasting of products up to truffles
  • Taking pictures

Not included in price:

  • Transportation to the location

Macedonia is rich in truffles. That's why it starts with truffle hunting with experienced hunters, trained dogs, many walks in nature, getting to know the local nature and of course tasting various truffle specialties.

For the realization of the full-day tour, the group must be of at least 10 people. If the group is smaller, the minimum amount is calculated for 10 people.

The program in brief:

Arrival of the group at the agreed location with their own vehicles, the selected terrains are available for all vehicles

Getting to know the locals who organize the tours. An introductory introduction to the benefits of the truffle, how to recognize it, an introduction to hunting dogs

Tour start: Truffle hunting. The tours are carried out through beautiful landscapes, where the group will walk, enjoy nature, get to know the surroundings and, of course, take good photos.

After the tour, there is a tasting of various truffle specialties in nature. Specialties such as:

Brandy with truffle, liqueur with truffle, tea with truffle, mulled wine with truffle.

Tasting of truffle specialties such as: Tortillas with truffle, pure truffle, sweet truffle and honey, pasta with truffles.

(Products are medically tested)

After the tasting, the group can buy products to take home.

End of tour.

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