The Pottery Workshop in Skopje

Skopje Price from:

1,200.00 ден

If you want to reserve a spot at the pottery workshops in Skopje, please review the prices, and if you accept them, send us a request by filling out the form, specifying the number of participants and which workshop you are interested in.

Included in price:

  • Pottery Wheel Workshop: 1500 MKD per person (minimum 2 participants to hold the workshop, maximum 4 participants) (if only for 1 person, the price increases)
  • Wine and Clay Workshop: 1200 MKD per person (minimum 8 participants to hold the workshop, maximum 10 participants) (if fewer than 8 participants, the price increases per person)
  • Gift prices (Plus in the price per person if guests want):
  • +100 MKD for a small ornament
  • +1000 MKD for glazed author's ceramics (cup or figure)

Not included in price:

  • Transportation to the location
  • Food

The location of the studio is ideal - with easy access and free parking, and if the weather permits, the workshops are held outdoors in the beautiful courtyard of the studio. This contributes to a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere where everyone can explore their artistic side.

The studio offers two types of workshops:

  1. Pottery Wheel Workshop allows you to create an item like a cup, dish, or similar. Maximum participation is limited to 4 people, making it perfect for small groups or individual sessions. Each experience lasts about 2 hours, including a presentation and hands-on training.

  2. The second workshop is named "Wine and Clay" and is a combination of enjoying a glass of wine and creating unique sculptures or figures. This session can accommodate from 8 to 10 participants, making it ideal for larger groups wanting to create memories together.

Every creative process starts with high-quality Macedonian red clay and ends with your handmade unique item which can be safely used in contact with food thanks to lead-free glazes. The items are first dried, then undergo the first firing, glazing (if included), and finally, the second firing. The entire process can take from 1 to 2 months, but it is worth it because of the magic you get in the end.

In addition, each participant receives a notification at the end that their item is finished and ready for pickup. For those who cannot wait, the workshop offers small gifts as a symbolic reminder of your experience.

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