Half Day Rock Climbing Tour in Demir Kapija, Macedonia

Demir Kapija Price from:

3,075.00 ден

The tour is intended for all those interested who have no experience and want to experience this kind of adventure at least once in their life. Organize your company and send a reservation request, select the day that suits you and wait for a response.

Included in price:

  • Prices per person are stated in the description
  • The price varies depending on the size of the group
  • Education and preparation
  • Professional team
  • Professional equipment

Not included in price:

  • Transportation to Demir Gate

Rock climbing is serious business, but for those who have no experience and are not physically active but still have the desire to experience such an adventure, Dario says there is a half-day program available for people who have never experienced rock climbing before at open, because according to him, Demir Kapija has the advantage in the excellent placement of the rocks that allow people from 2 to 72 years old to step on them.

The Novice Rock Climbing Tour/Offer is intended for individuals with little or no outdoor rock climbing experience. The purpose of such climbs is to teach the basic skills that a person needs to feel comfortable when climbing rocks, and to achieve this, as Dario says, a good team of professional aplinists is needed who will be constantly next to him. Through these tours you will learn the skills of proper climbing, determination and perseverance.

Registered students should arrive on the field in sports equipment, preferably pants with fully covered legs. No experience required.

All participants receive education, top climbing rope, basic knots, equipment like harness, helmet, climbing shoes.

The price is:

For a half-day tour:

€50 - if there is only one person

€40 each if there are 2 people

€30 each if there are 3 to 5 people

€27 each if there are more than 6 people

Tours can be organized throughout the year

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