Rock climbing on Matka, Macedonia

Skopje Price from:

400.00 ден

Rock climbing on Matka is an ideal activity for all ages with no previous experience. If you are a group of more than 8 people, send us a request for the implementation of such a one-day activity. Select the date that suits you and expect information in your email.

Included in price:

  • The price per person is 400 denars if you are a group of 8 people
  • If you are a smaller group, the price per person increases
  • The price includes previous training and equipment

Not included in price:

  • Transportation to the site

The team that performs the training and climbing has 19 years of experience with mountaineering and sport climbing, and they have been instructors for more than 7 years.

The location where climbing training is carried out and the climbs are realized is on a rock located on Matka. There is no walking at all to the location itself.

Climbing the rock takes about 20 minutes per person. Before starting climbing, basic training is carried out on how to climb, how to protect yourself in the event of a landslide or slide, what you should pay attention to and, most importantly, how to work with your body and mind at the same time.

The rock or training area is 16 meters high and is rated 6a, where there is already a safety rope known as top-rope climbing.

The age of people who can climb can be from 4 to 70 years, and no prior knowledge of top-rope climbing is required.

If you are interested in climbing, you should register as a group of at least 8 people. The group should arrive in sportswear. On the field, the group receives equipment that includes special climbing shoes from all numbers up to the 46th number, a helmet, carabiners, slings, and a magnesium bag.

The rock opens in spring and closes in autumn.

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