Off-roading tour with a WWII James truck

Ohrid Price from:

950.00 ден

Reservations: [email protected]

Included in price:

  • Price per person
  • Offroad tour on a dirt road or paved road
  • Photographing with mountain climbers and old-timers
  • Ljupco's choice of barbecue
  • Lots of memories

Not included in price:

  • Transportation to the village of Leskoec (there is a possibility of half-way transportation from any city in the country)

Half-day adventure in the surroundings of Leskoec, Ohrid. Book the tour organized by Ljupco with his World War II truck "James". The tour is carried out on bad terrain or on an asphalted road (depending on the group's requirements). This truck is unique in our country as an original version with a gasoline engine.

The departure is from Leskoec, a village that is 4 kilometers from Ohrid, and is located on the main road to Bitola.
The tour starts from the village of Leskoec, which you define beforehand with Ljupco about the exact date of departure and the day of implementation.

The tour continues along a side road that leads to "Staro Leskoec" about 2.5 kilometers away.

One kilometer from the village of "Staro Leskoec" is "Shankot", where about 100 meters below Ljupco there is a field where he keeps his Sharplaninians and a few more "James" old-timers. In agreement with the organizer, here you set aside time for a break, for studying the old-timers, for photographing and feeding the sharplaniki, and then the group heads to the "Bar of Ljupcho" where he prepares a barbecue for you.

His bar has a beautiful view of Ohrid and Lake Ohrid.

The tour requires a minimum of 5 people - a maximum of 10 people.
If it is a group that wants to do this half-day tour, with the possibility of visiting Ohrid, offers you the opportunity to book transport from any city in the country.

Contact: 077 593 585

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