"Rural Brewery Tour in Skopje, Macedonia: Tasting beer in Skopje

Skopje Price from:

1,200.00 ден

Kajak.mk Team is the first to organise a brewery tour near Skopje.

Included in price:

  • The price includes a request for the total number of participants for a group.

Not included in price:

  • Please note that the price does not include an additional beer or the option to purchase beer for take-home.

If you're looking for a unique way to explore the countryside and taste some amazing locally brewed beers, consider taking a rural brewery tour. Not only will you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but you'll also get to experience the art and science of beer-making firsthand. With transportation provided, you can relax and enjoy the tour without worrying about driving. The tastings will give you a chance to sample a variety of beers and learn about the brewing process from knowledgeable guides. Don't miss out on this fun and educational experience!

The team at Kajak.mk is proud to offer a unique tour of a brewery near Skopje. During the tour, guests will have the opportunity to taste four different craft beers, each paired with delicious snacks. We provide transportation to ensure that our guests can enjoy the beer without worrying about driving. Safety is our top priority.

The tour will include a review of the brewery with a local guide, as well as a tasting of four different types of craft beer. Transportation to and from the location will also be provided.

The event is scheduled for 2-3 hours, but guests are welcome to stay longer.

The group must consist of at least 5 to 15 people.

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