Kayaking on Black Drim (Crni Drim)

Struga Price from:

9.00 ден

Contact and reservations: +38978241418

Included in price:

  • The prices can vary depending on the group, season and what kind of tour is open
  • For more precise price, please use “Viber” App

Not included in price:

  • Transport to accommodation

We are opening this new season with a bigger water park and new content to offer our tourists. This summer the capacity of one tour kayaking is 20 people at once. They will be followed with licensed instructors and lifeguards throughout the most famous adventures:

-          Safari kayaking on Black Drim (Crni Drim) and Globocicko Lake, from village Tashmarunishta, to Tesnec, passing Bigor and the famous Bigor Bridge with monastery Saint Jovan Preteca, all the way up to the new village Globocica, kayaking through the sunken village and the church Saint Ilija.

-          City Kafe Tour: starts with Hotel Solferino, right through Male Beach. The outfall of Drim, where Lake Ohrid flows into the river, then Female Beach, Locality Drimeni and coffee break just 5 km from Struga at a depth of over 150 meters.

The kayaking tours are of a big importance for this region Struga, because beside only kayaking and enjoying, a lot of times there are eco patrols and people perform ecological activities and clean the green surfaces.

This season we have kayaking equipment for rent as well. That includes: kayak, paddle and safety vest. Models: One – seater, two – seater and three – seater. Time: per hour, half day or daily.

Every year, humanitarian marathons are organized for people with rare diseases. “We row for the rare” (Original: “Veslame za retkite”). This year this marathon will be third edition and everyone can take part in it.

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