Forest lodge "Uncle Boro"

Price from:

300.00 ден

Accommodation in "Chichko Boro" scout home

Max. Capacity : 30
Beds : 30
Check In : 14:00
Check Out : 11:00

Included in price:

  • Price for stay per person per day

Not included in price:

  • Transportation
  • Food

The "Chicko Boro" scout lodge - a forest lodge is located 35 kilometers from the center of Skopje, on Mount Kitka, Mala Reka at 950 m above sea level. Nature abounds with dense forest, Mala Reka, which is a tributary of the Kadina river, many hiking and mountain biking trails.

The scout lodge has room for 25 to 30 people in two rooms with bunk beds, a shared bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen with eating and cooking utensils, and a living area. The home is heated by a wood stove. The most beautiful part of the stay in Šumsko domche is the yard with 1800 m² where our adventure props like zip line, trampoline, slackline, volleyball or badminton net, campfire place and tents are set up.

Possibility to use the home and enjoy scouting activities.


Престој на ден по лице

300 ден.


Деца до 6 години

Не се плаќа



200 ден


Користење на реквизити по ден: зип лајн, трамболина, стреличарство,
слеклајн, молки, петанк, одбојка

1.000 ден.

Дводневна адреналинска авантура за 2 лица Китка-Караџица*

7.200 ден.


Дводневна адреналинска авантура за 3-4 лица Китка-Караџица*

12.000 ден.


Можност за еднодневни настани до 8 деца до 14 год.
(ден во природа/шумска екскурзија, роденден…)**

12.000 ден.


You drive to the scout lodge through the villages of Dolno and Gorno Kolicani. The road is asphalted to Crvena voda, and to Preslap asphalt, which is damaged in some places. From Preslap to Mala Reka there is a 9 km wide dirt road where more careful driving is required. It is possible to travel by city car, but we recommend using a tall or off-road vehicle. It takes approximately 1:30 hours to reach the home with slow and careful driving.

If you need organized transportation, you can additionally contact us.

The home is taken care of by volunteers from the First Skopje Scout Detachment and "Mala Reka" Rest and Recreation Association.

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