Restaurant Grne: Dolno Konjsko

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Kajak had its first morning coffee today in the lovely yard of Restaurant “Grne”.
This is our first new gastronomic destination which we add into our database, and where you can reserve your table with just one click

Host Riste welcomed us with a warm smile and ambitious greeting which actually gave us a feeling that the restaurant has already opened up his upcoming season.

“Grne” has its own story written in the last 7 years. They managed to stay put during the pandemic time and to prove that the idea of a good, delicious food and painting smiles on people’s faces is more important than any pandemic ever.

For those of you who still haven’t heard about Restaurant “Grne”, we need to point out that it’s located on the highway from Ohrid to St. Naum. That is right in the settlement of Dolno Konjsko where you can go with any vehicle such as cars, bus, van, or for active tourists even with bikes.

 The restaurant is open 7 years ago, when owner Riste as a professional chef decides to make his own wish come true, and that is to have a space where he can serve his guests some of the delicious specialties he has learned throughout his life of cooking.

Riste says that is it his wish since he was a little boy, to have his own restaurant and he encourages that everyone can achieve what they truly believe in.

Restaurant “Grne” is built in accordingly to his wishes, which included that there is a spacious yard with natural shade and lots of flowers. Today, Riste is happy to see a bunch of children running around in the yard.

The restaurant has an ethno style and the main focus is put on the delicious food, good for everyone’s taste. Everything is so tasteful here, starting with the salads, the barbecue, cooked dishes, home-smoked meat and the delicious and recognizable burger “Grne”.

The hosts say that their main focus is the delicious food because without it, the restaurant “Grne” will not own its true spirit.

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