Konak Kalin Kamen

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Kayak.mk's base is simmering daily with new gastronomic destinations that attract more and more lovers of the bite on our platform.

Every day we introduce you to new hosts and local heroes who do their best to develop local tourism in their region. Today we will introduce you to Sashko Mitovski, the host of the inn "Kalin Kamen", which opened its doors to true gourmets and travelers.

Saško shared the story of the establishment of the hostel. This facility has existed since 2002 as a mountain carabiner, but from June 2021 until the same month next year, this facility will receive its new upgrade and begin functioning as a restaurant that offers a beautiful view and delicious food. The guest house is stationed at 1500 meters above sea level in the Osogovo mountains. To get to the guest house, you should head towards the road to the monastery of St. Joakim Osogovski, and after visiting the monastery, continue up towards Kalin Kamen peak, where you will meet the inn on the way.

You can reach the monastery by bus, but you can only reach the guesthouse by car, motorcycle or other smaller transport vehicles. For those who decide to visit the lodge, our recommendation is to also visit the lake that is located above the lodge, which is great for enjoying. Sasho says that the guests love this place above all because of the natural beauty of the Osogovo mountains, the greenery, the oak, beech and pine forest and of course the beautiful meadows.

As for the specialties of the house, here we recommend you feast on home-made vegetables, banica, pita pod sach, kachamak, meat prepared in several ways, as well as the specialties of the house: Kalin kamen burger, as well as the beef steak.

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