Gastronomic experience in the old town of Ohrid, Macedonia

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We will tell you Slavica's story from the balcony of her family house, which is located in the old town of Ohrid, and which, as of today, is a new gastro corner that you can enjoy.

Slavica says that she is fond of preparing and decorating unique food. This talent and desire to create something new and different was recognized by her relatives and friends, who gave her the idea to start a small business that would allow the rest of the guests to enjoy the delicious food and the beautiful setting.

The balcony of Slavica is located 5 minutes from the town square of Ohrid.

When asked what kind of food she usually serves, Slavica answered that these are products grown in the Ohrid climate, which are combined in various homemade dishes that are different from the dishes you hear in restaurants. The preparation of fish according to old, long-forgotten Ohrid recipes is especially unique, she adds.

The capacity of guests who can be at one table is up to 10 people, and the group can stay from 2 to 3 hours, as long as the lunch with the presentation lasts.

Book lunch or dinner on Slavica's terrace. The price per person is 50 euros.

You have 2 menus at your disposal:

MENU NUMBER 1: After reservation and payment, guests choose what they would like as main course and dessert

MENU NUMBER 2: After reservation and payment, guests choose what they want as main course and dessert:

Contact: 076 791 157 (WhatsAPP)

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