Wine Tours in Macedonia

Wine tasting in Macedonia. If you're part of a group, simply send us a request to organize a tour in Macedonia. We'll send you an email with a detailed offer, including the total price, once we receive your request.

Included in price:

  • Price includes all expenses depending on the chosen program.

Not included in price:

  • The price does not include any expenses that are covered.

If you're interested in exploring the wine culture of Macedonia, we offer organized transportation to visit several wineries, where you can enjoy wine tasting and food. 

If you're travelling in Macedonia and you're a wine lover looking for a unique tour in one of the wine regions here, don't hesitate to send us a request. We can take you on a one or two-day trip and show you around.

Our team will introduce you to local families who are owners of vineyards and produce the best traditional recipes. You'll be fascinated by their original stories and products.

Our tours typically include visits to several wineries, not just one. If the tour is longer than a day, we can arrange for you to spend the night at one of the wineries that offer accommodation. You'll have the opportunity to taste traditional Macedonian food while enjoying a glass of wine, making it an unforgettable experience.

When it comes to planning a trip, transportation is a key factor to consider. That's why we take group size into account to ensure everyone travels comfortably and safely. Whether it's by car, bus or small bus, we'll make sure the mode of transportation fits the needs of your group.

Aside from vineyards, you can also explore nearby churches, monasteries, and historic sites based on the group's interests. You'll get to meet local heroes and hear their stories too.

We are available for tours throughout all four seasons, so you can choose the best time for you. Simply fill out our request form to start your journey of wine, food, and love in Macedonia.

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