A completely new villa with a swimming pool in Kuchkovo, Macedonia

A completely new villa with a swimming pool in Kuchkovo, Macedonia

In the heart of the village of Kuchkovo, hidden among the greenery and natural beauty, lies an extraordinary villa with a pool that, from 2024, opens its doors to all those in search of a unique experience of relaxation and fun. This beautiful property is designed with the ultimate enjoyment and comfort of every guest in mind. And this year, guests will be able to enjoy a completely new and modern environment.

The team at Kajak.mk takes you to Kuchkovo, where from today, you have one more option for booking day-long enjoyment by the pool. You can reserve the villa with one click HERE. The reasons why you should book the villa for your special day are as follows:

The villa offers excellent privacy and extraordinary enjoyment. With its large pool situated at the heart of the property, it provides a unique place for refreshment during the warm summer days and peaceful enjoyment in the afternoon hours.

The area around the pool and the villa itself is thoroughly designed to provide everything you need for an unforgettable stay. With a yard that stretches over 1500m², there is ample space for all kinds of outdoor activities - from games and fun to tranquil moments under the starry sky. The villa itself, with its 80m² and two bedrooms, offers comfort and intimacy, and the surrounding yard is the perfect space for any family or group of friends who want to rest and have fun together. The pool is 10 meters long and 4 meters wide. Around the pool, there is a space of 150 m², the villa has 80m² with 2 bedrooms and a yard of 1500m².

With parking space for up to 10 vehicles in the courtyard and more than 20 outside, the villa offers the possibility to organize family celebrations, team-building gatherings, birthdays, and parties. The villa offers accommodation, equipped with a toilet, kitchen, bar, internet, and everything needed for your maximum enjoyment.

Does it operate seasonally or throughout the year? This villa welcomes you at any time, offering you the chance to enjoy its beauty regardless of the season. Whether you want to plan a party, relax with your family, or simply escape from city life, the villa in Kuchkovo is the ideal place for you.

With a capacity of up to 300 guests in the yard, this location is perfect for large events, weddings, birthdays, or team-building activities. Accepting pets encourages you to bring your furry friends and make your experience even more special.

Prices start from 4000 denars upwards depending on the number of guests and the day of renting the space, providing flexibility in planning your ideal stay.

If you wish to send a request for an online reservation, click HERE.

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A completely new villa with a swimming pool in Kuchkovo, Macedonia

With a capacity of up to 300 guests, this location is perfect for large events, weddings, birthdays, or team-building activities. Pet-friendly encourages you to bring your friends and make your experience even more special.

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